We create the ergonomic working space for your employees, instead of expecting them to adjust to the existing conditions.

Do you want to know how we do it? We are happy to explain and demonstrate.

Switching between sitting and standing positions enables your body to stay healthy and doesn't bring strain to the particular parts of your body. It prevents from tiredness, reduced concentration, headaches, strained neck and lumbar muscles, alternatively the carpal tunnel syndrome. The possibility to change positions while working is key to your health and well-being and subsequently to high productivity and low sickness rate.


Proposal of the new ERGO workspace

Are you facing furnishing of new offices? Are you finishing construction of the new site for your company, are you planning refurbishment? Consult us to know how to design and equip various workspaces based on the ergonomic principles.


Diagnosis of the existing workspace with the proposal of ERGO changes

Are you not sure if your workspace promotes your productivity and health? Do you feel tired after your day at work and start feeling discomfort and your body gives you signals? Let's find out how we can improve your workspace.


Balancing exercises at workplace course

Have you experienced the chanhe after consultation and you now have the modern ERGO workspace? You can extend your knowledge with this course, where we will teach you how to effectively exercise your body at active break times. It is easy and for everyone.


Employee motivation in the ERGO area course

Do you have modern and ERGO workplace? But your employees do not use this comfort fully? During this course we will demonstrate to your employees why it is important to cooperate on maintaining their good physical condition, their well-being at work and how to avoid the burnout syndorme.


We come out of vast professional experience from Czech as well as overseas workplaces.

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Our main partner for realization of DYNAMIC WORKSPACE is our office equipment manufacturer