How to improve your workspace with us?

We will teach you how to awaken your body perception again.


Our work is conducted directly at your workplace. We are here for you to ensure your well-being at work. Experts have enough evidence about unsuitability of the sitting position at work throughout the whole working time. Together we will change all to your benefit.

Current world is very demanding and we are expected to be highly productive. In order to achieve this in a long term, we need to create supportive conditions for our work. Human body has been prepared by evolution to be in constant movement. These days the vast majority of worplaces requires high mental concentration in a static position without any movement, which is absolutely unnatural.

This disproportion of the physical capabilities of the human body and the common workplace conditions leads to serious health issues concerning musculoskeletal system, particularly spine. Such problems are reported by increasingly younger employees.

In order to prevent the health issues mentioned earlier, we need an optimal worspace for our active work. In our concept we call it INDIVIDUAL DYNAMIC OFFICE/DYNAMIC WORKPLACE. It allows each individual to set up his workspace tailor-made to his body. INDIVIDUAL DYNAMIC OFFICE/DYNAMIC WORKPLACE offers to each individual the possibility to work in a position ideally adjusted to his height, weight and preference of the working posture.

Our workplace affects not only our bodies, but it is also perceived as a whole. In order to create an optimal workspace for each individual, we take the opinion of an experienced PHYSIOTHERAPIST, who assesses the workplace from the medical point of view. This is followed by practiocal knowledge of an ARCHITECT, who creates correct operational links and the concept of modern working sections within the company workspace, and prepares the design solution. The furniture is chosen in order to create a harmonised concept including suitable materials and accessories. You will then be surrounded by naturally pleasant interior in matching colour combinations.

Informace o moderním pohledu na ergonomii pracovního prostředí najdete např. v těchto článcích:

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In a well-designed workspace we feel motivated and achieve high productivity easily.

Providing such conditions is the second nature of our projects and their realizations.


Creator of the concept, Executive Director

Ing. arch. Šárka Daňková

As a child I used to draw all the time. That's why I naturally chose an art school. I was enjoying the freedom of creativity, the possibility to express myself by drawing and three-dimensional objects. I didn't surprise anyone by my decision to study architecture and I was also greatly supported by a friend of mine, who is a sculptor. I was enthusiastic about the combination of the fine art and technical aspects.

Business Director, Executive Director

Marek Pongó


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